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Palm Desert Tankless Water Heaters

We Are The Tankless Water Heaters Specialists

Replacement and Installation of Tankless Water Heater

We install tankless water heaters as well as all the gas and water plumbing connections you require and ensure they are working correctly. We will make any required changes to your wiring and electrical system while installing an electric water heater to ensure the system works safely and flawlessly. Our certified plumbers have received proper training in setting up the latest equipment. Improvements to electrical systems and installation of gas connections cost extra but are necessary to get the most out of your water heater. When you select us to replace your old water heater you can be sure that our team has the knowledge and will do the job properly. You will start getting hot water immediately after they are done.

Repair of Tankless Water Heater

We can also help if you own a tankless water heater that needs fixing. Our goal at Complete Mechanical is to get your water heater back to top efficiency. When your water heater is not working at its optimum capacity, it can lead to increased energy costs and usage of water. When it comes to water heaters, our staff at Complete Mechanical Service have the requisite training required to pinpoint issues. From water pressure issues to power problems, numerous factors can cause your tankless heater to malfunction. Do not be afraid to contact our team if you want a speedy solution. Our high level of training allows us to solve any issue you may have.

Pros of Tankless Water Heaters

Get in touch with Complete Mechanical, the specialist plumbers for any type of water heater repair or installation requirements. Although we deal with all types of water heaters, we specialize in installing and fixing tankless water heaters. Overall, they are much more efficient. However, there are numerous other benefits of tankless vs. orthodox water heaters. It is easy to realize many of them rather quickly, some of which include:

  • Cost Savings per Month: Although you have to pay more upfront as installation costs, their higher efficiency implies less wastage of energy, and you will receive deflated utility bills. Thanks to this, you should ultimately see a return on investment on your purchase since tankless models tend to conserve money over time.
  • Space Saving: You save on space since there is no storage tank. The system typically consists of water lines, gas or electric lines, a heating element, and some electronics. Its small size means that you can store it in your closet, leaving additional room for storage.
  • Clean Water: There is no risk of bacteria festering and growing over time since water is not stored in the tank. Water is delivered to the tap as soon as it is heated. On the contrary, the tank-based water heater stores a huge volume of water until you need it, which is not efficient in terms of electricity/water use and safety.
  • Friendly for the Environment: It is better for the environment as less electricity and water are consumed. Since these heaters are more durable, chances are remote of your throwing one away to send to a landfill soon.
  • Options: Certain tankless models employ natural gas to heat water. These models work faster, making them perfect for homes with greater need. Electric models are also available. Ensure your electrical system is up to date; else upgrade it if required if you plan to use an electric tankless water heater.
  • Tax Relief: Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars by installing a tankless water heater in the form of federal tax credit saved. Your gas company also provides you with credit. You can get a rebate of $200 for ENERGY STAR-certified units that have an Energy Factor of 0.90 or more.
  • Leak-Resistant: Conventional water heater sometimes leaks with age. Tankless water heaters might leak too, but you need not worry about having 50 gallons of water leak into your garage since there is no tank.

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