About Us

About Us

Complete Mechanical Service’s mission is to provide professional, dependable, friendly service at an economical price. We provide service for all of your plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, pool, and spa maintenance, installation, and repair needs, and we’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction in all your mechanical service needs.
Our founder and CEO, John Doyle, explains our business philosophy and what sets Complete Mechanical Service apart in this letter.
Letter From the Founder and CEO

In 2002, I started working in the construction industry performing Service and Repair work. After a few months, I knew that I could do it better than the people I worked for. So, for the next few years I continued to plan what I was going to do to make that happen. My goal was simple. Start my own business where the service I provide will not only make the people I perform service for happy, but also the people that worked with me happy. My goal was not to stay small, it was to become a large enough of a company that I will change the way everyone in the industry works. I want my employees to be happy and I want my service to be affordable to anyone who owned a home. I want my employees to wake up happy that they work with me, not for me. 

I believe that people are always going to make mistakes and that it’s the way we handle those mistakes that sets us aside from everyone else. I believe that people should be happy where they work even if it’s not what they thought they would be doing. I believe everyone should work as a team. I believe customers are part of that team. I believe vendors are part of that team. I believe employees are part of the team no matter what their position is in the company I believe we are only as strong as the people we work with. I believe selfishness is not an option in any aspect of life, personal or professional. If our customers, employees or vendors don’t want to work as a team, then we will find new customers, new employees and new vendors that do want to work as a team. If you are someone that believes in working as a team and helping each other, then as a customer, call us for service, as a vendor, call us to sell us something, as an employee, call us to work for us. We are always looking for an exceptional teammate. 

I have an open door policy, so feel free to talk to me about anything. I want to invite you to take our survey and let us know how we are doing. Good or bad, I want to know. It’s your feedback that’s going to help me make this company better. Without your comments I won’t know how we are doing or if my plan is working. Thank you for your time and I look forward to being a part of your life should you choose to make us part of YOUR team.


John C. Doyle


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